Building a Chat Bot...

2017-01-21 | #chatbot

[last update: June, 5 2017] My next project will be a Chat Bot.. Starting points are: AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) standard [from Facebook] [from Microsoft] Chatterbot There are also some useful softwares as a service like

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Managing Spark dataframes in Python

2016-12-02 | #Me

Below a quick sample of using Apache Spark (2.0) dataframes for manipulating data. Sample data is a file of jsonlines like``` {“description”: “255/40 ZR17 94W”, “ean”: “EAN: 4981910401193”, “season”: “tires_season summer”, “price”: “203,98”, “model”: “Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 255/40 R17”, “id”: “MPN: 2351610”} {“description”: “225/55 R17 101V XL”, “ean”: “EAN: 5452000438744”, “season”: “tires_season summer”, “price”: “120,98”, “model”: “Pirelli P Zero 205/45 R17”, “id”: “MPN: 530155”}

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