#Hadoop Search with Apache #Solr

2014-10-03 | #Me

The two top Hadoop distributions (Cloudera and Hortonworks but remember that Hadoop is a Free Software and many companies do not pay anything for using it!) include Apache Solr as Hadoop search tool See apache-solr-hadoop-search article and the following two presentations from the two vendors [slideshare id=35810888&doc=solr-2-140612162029-phpapp02] [slideshare id=24255985&doc=hadoopplussolrbigdatasearch-130715115557-phpapp02] See also the Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis for Retailers using HDP and ITC Infotech Radar article

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Machine learning map

2014-09-12 | #Me

I found this nice map about Machine Leaning and I wanted to share it. It is taken from http://scikit-learn.org/stable/tutorial/machine_learning_map/index.html

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